Uros - Amantani - Taquile

Uros - Amantani - Taquile

Duration: 2 days

Discover the ways of life of ancient cultures by visiting the inhabitants of the Floating Islands of Uros, the Island of Taquile, and spend a night on the Island of Amantani, where you will share and discover the magic of this Andean Culture.


Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .
Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .
Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .
Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .
Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .
Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .
Uros - Amantani - Taquile - .

Rates & Booking

Tour Option Description People Rate per Person N° Travelers

Nomal Fare

  • Shared
$ 79.55
  • Private
$ 397.73
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  • 7:40 a.m. Transfer hotel – port to visit one of the Floating Islands of Uros (5 km west of the Port of Puno, 20 minutes by boat), unique in the world, made with a base of Totora (a herbaceous water plant), and inhabited by Uros families – Aymaras who build and cover their homes with Totora mats. The Uros are known as the “People of the Lake” and their origins date back to before the time of the Incas. The community continues ancient practices such as traditional fishing and wild bird hunting. The Uros men are skilled at navigating Totora rafts and the women are experts at knitting and weaving.
  • From there we continue in boat to the Island of Amantani (36 km northeast of the Port of Puno, 3 hours and 30 minutes by boat), where visitors will spend a night with the locals in specially prepared tourist accommodations in local homes with full room and board.
  • Located at 3817 meters above sea level, Amantani is some 9 km2 in size. The primary flora of this island is bushes and shrubs such as muña, kantuta, sage, tola and patamuña. The various communities on the island cultivate potatoes, corn, oca, quinua, lima beans and peas. They are also known for handicrafts such as textiles and stone carving. Among the island’s many natural attractions, stand out the two lookout points at the island’s highest point, from where the lake in all its grandeur, as well as some Pre-Hispanic ruins and ceremonial centers can be seen.


  • We continue our journey in boat to explore ruins on the Island of Taquile (35 km east of the Port of Puno, 3 hour by boat) which date back to Pre-Incan times and are located at the highest point of the island. Taquile is known for its friendly inhabitants, who conserve their customs, traditions and dress. The locals are also known for their fine detailed textiles with symbolic, symmetrical designs in bright colors, which reflect their lifestyle, customs and Andean beliefs.
  • The island is approximately 6 km2 in size and the altitudes of the port and village vary slightly, from 3810 meters above sea level to 3950 meters above sea level. The average maximum temperature is 23ºC (66ºF) and the minimum is 7ºC (37ºF).
  • Traditional lunch on the Island of Taquile.
  • Return to Puno, transfer port – hotel, arriving at approximately 4:45 p.m.

Minimun: 01 Person


  • All rates are based in one person, are in US Dollars (USD), and include all corresponding taxes. 
  • The Uros – Amantani – Taquile visit will take place on a regular or traditional tourist boat.
  • We recommend taking and/or using sun block, a hat, comfortable shoes and a jacket or coat.


  • 01 Night lodging on Amantani with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and traditional show included (full room and board).
  • Guide in requested language for private tours (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish).
  • Guide in English and Spanish for collective or shared tours.
  • Traditional lunch on Taquile.
  • Transfers and entrance fees for all excursions.

Not Included:

  • Lodging and breakfast in Puno.
  • Airline, train or bus tickets.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Other meals and beverages which are not specified.
  • Extra services such as laundry.
  • Tips and other costs not specified in the description.




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