Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V)

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V)

Duration: 5 days

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge is located at the Marañón River’s bank, and it is the only one lodge inside of the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.


Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V) - .
Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V) - .
Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V) - .
Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V) - .
Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (V) - .

Rates & Booking

Package Type Accommodation Type Max. Guest Per Room Rate per Person N° Travelers

Nomal Fare

  • In two people basis
$ 920.00
  • In three people basis
$ 740.00
  • In four people basis
$ 740.00
  • In five people basis
$ 620.00

Visa Offer

  • In two people basis
$ 888.64
  • In three people basis
$ 714.77
  • In four people basis
$ 714.77
  • In five people basis
$ 598.86
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We begin our Peruvian jungle adventure at the Iquitos City Airport. From there we will 
journey 60 miles to the town of Nauta, the first town ship founded by the Spanish at the Marañón River. The trip to Nauta takes about an hour and a half. 
In Nauta, we will visit theSapiSapi pond where we can see species such as the paiche (largest Amazonian fish), arawana, quelonios (taricaya, charapa), and regional turtle, as well as a brief story at the Centenary Square.
From Nauta, we will board Hatuchay Hotel boats to Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge; we will receive a warm welcome with a seasonal fruit drink, and a presentation in the Kukama Kukamiria language by a tribe member. You will be invited to go to your rooms to leave luggage and then have lunch.  In the afternoon we will go for a walk where we will identify flora and fauna in the forest surrounding the Lodge. We will return at night to try to locate the demdrobates, tiny poison-dart frogs characterized by their bright colors. We will return to the Lodge for some time to relax before dinner.
After breakfast we will go to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve to an area called “Nauta Caño” .During our excursion we will search for pink and gray dolphins near the gorge of the same name. We will also be immersed in the wide variety of flora and fauna the reserve offers. The first thing that will call your attention is how the river water perfectly reflects the sky, clouds, vegetation and large trees along the river banks. Visitors will have the sensation of sailing between endless mirrors, which is why Pacaya Samiria is also known as “the forest of mirrors”.
We will also go for a walk through the flooded forests, where we will try to see some primates and sloths. During the journey we can also observe a variety of birds and the traditional Amazonian subsistence fishing practice. 
Next, we will return to the Lodge to visit the women’s crafts center (seasonal) of the San Jorge community, known for their work with natural Chambira fiber and Wingoor pumpkin carving. You will have down time, followed by dinner. 
After dinner a guide will invite us to move to a different space to share myths and legends of the Peruvian Amazon. 
After breakfast we bound community on 20 de enero RNPS to appreciate the different jobs held by local residents organized as groups of natural resource management to preserve species RN, there activities to be conducted as aguaje scaling, boating and artisanal fisheries, journey to renacal area for tents campaign (lunch on board or camp), there we arrange for exploratory journeys in the area as interest of the expedition.
After dinner, we leave by boat for wildlife watching nocturnal habits.
Breakfast at camp
Walk looking for more animals or may prefer to cool in the water of Yanayacu. We got ready and dismantle the camp to enlist our return to the Lodge
Lunch at camp or on board according to the times managed by our specialist guide
On the way we will enjoy the landscape that surrounds us and there we may be surprised by some wildlife we could not appreciate our entrance trip, because in the jungle none of this is predictable.
Breakfast at the Lodge
After breakfast we will have a conversation with the guide to the worldview of the Amazonian man "with respect to ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Following this visit a nearby community where one resident who performs the work to which the coastal healer man goes to cure their ills exist.
We return to the Lodge at noon for lunch and grooming to begin our return to the airport from the city of Iquitos or hotel, guest per itinerary.
-The last day includes lunch, depending on the departure flight time. If there is no time for lunch before the flight, there will be no discount or reimbursement.
-This program can vary due to weather conditions and Low/high- water season. Our guides may do some changes in the program in order to get the most of the excursion.

  • Round-trip transportation from the airport or hotel in the city of Iquitos to the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge.
  • Accommodations at the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge.
  • One night at tent camp.
  • Meals.
  • Excursions to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and other areas of interest as scheduled.
  • Right of entry to the reserve.
  • Personalized Assistance

Not Included:
  • Airfare,
  • Airport taxes
  • Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and / or bottled water, and other services not specified in the program.




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