Mystic Adventure at Explorers Inn III - Ayahuasca with Clay Lick

Mystic Adventure at Explorers Inn III - Ayahuasca with Clay Lick

Duration: 3 days

An exciting tour in Tambopata. Daily departures from Lima or Cuzco. Enjoy the pristine Amazon rainforest, near to Tambopata Candamo Reserve. Eco-activities, full jungle nature, lodging, meals, river transfers. Yo can doing this activities: Trocha sunset - Search alligators - Clay lick - Torre - Ayahuasca Session.



Rates & Booking

Package Type Accommodation Type Max. Guest Per Room Rate per Person N° Travelers

Nomal Fare

  • In Single Room Basis
$ 591.76
  • In Double Room Basis
$ 422.35
  • In Matrimonial Room Basis
$ 495.29
  • In Triple Room Basis
$ 384.71

Visa Offer

  • In Single Room Basis
$ 571.59
  • In Double Room Basis
$ 407.95
  • In Matrimonial Room Basis
$ 478.41
  • In Triple Room Basis
$ 371.59
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03 days / 02 nights
Ecolodge and Research Station Tambopata National Reserve
The best place to find the wild and natural wonders you are looking for activities like : Trocha sunset - Search alligators - Clay lick - Torre - Ayahuasca Session
               Day 01  
  • Reception - Airport Puerto Maldonado - Infierno - Lodge
  • Naturalist Interpreter (Talk - Informative) on board a motorized canoe
  • Animal species, the vegetation changes from colonized deforested areas to the National Reserve
  • Box lunch on the boat (special diet for Ayahuasca ceremony)
  • Arrival at the Lodge
  • Briefing by the lodge manager who will provide some tips and useful information to have a better stay
  • short break
  • Trocha sunset
  • Talk with shaman about our experiences and explain everything about the ceremony
  • Dinner (special diet for Ayahuasca ceremony)


Day 02  

  • Out before dawn 5:20 a.m.
  • Visit "clay lick" Parrot that is 10 minutes by boat from the Lodge
  • You can observe different species of parrots and parakeets eating clay
  • Return to the lodge
  • After enjoying breakfast 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. (special diet for Ayahuasca ceremony) - Short break
  • Relax and preparation for the Ceremony
  • Lunch (special diet for Ayahuasca ceremony)
  • short break
  • Visit the tower of 42 meters high, where we have a wonderful view of the forest
  • Explanation of the vertical strata of the forest (in the tower) - until a espectular view of the jungle and see the sunset
  • short break
  • We will meet again with the Shaman to log Ayahuasca


Day 03  

  • Special breakfast and chat with the shaman to convesar about our session and answer any question you have
  • Airport - Return - Transfer - Puerto Maldonado




We recommend visitors bring a small backpack with:


  • Binoculars
  • Camera 
  • Flash light or better a headlight   
  • Daypack
  • Cap / wide-brimmed hat
  • Trousers & shorts
  • T - shirts
  • Bathing suit
  • Rain coat / poncho
  • Water bottle
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Certificate of yellow fever vaccine
  • Bills/notes of small amounts 
  • Toiletries
  • Walking shoes / boots **
  • Sandals or alternative footwear for use at the lodge


** In the rainy season it is usually necessary to walk in rubber boots / wellies, which are provided by the lodge (up to size 10). During the dry season it may be possible to walk in walking boots.



In order to avoid delays in Puerto Maldonado and unnecessary annoyance of customers interested in visiting the Explorer’s Inn, the following notes have to be kept in mind by all clients interested in visiting the Explorer’s Inn

·         Passenger list: It is necessary that we receive as early as possible a list with the following details:  Full name, sex, age, citizenship and passport number of all our passengers or members of a group. This list must be reported   to the marine authorities 24 hours in advanced in order to issue the sailing permit for every boat leaving the docks with tourists. Not to apply in advance for the permit   can delay the departure by at least 2 or 3 hours. It would be very helpful if we know in advanced of any physical limitation and/or health or food restriction.

·         Luggage: We can’t avoid that your customers bring with them all their luggage, but it is very important that they are instructed in advanced that due to limited space in our canoes, they can only take with them one (1) small suitcase or rucksack.(maximum 50 pounds). The excess of luggage can be left in our Puerto Maldonado office. Customers often get very angry when they are informed about this the same day of arrival. It is also important that they bring a small suitcase ready for the trip with them so our departure is not again unnecessarily delayed.

·         Clothing: Guests should arrive to Puerto Maldonado duly dressed for the trip and they should not start getting dressed at our office, what has also been a cause for delays and annoyance to the other passengers. It is also necessary to remind them to bring some warm clothing for chilly nights and mornings which are not frequent even in the Amazon rainforest.  

·         Rubber boots in large sizes: We normally have at the Explorer’s Inn regular size boots available for most of our guests but big sizes such as # 11 + are often impossible to find locally.

·         Boats to and from the Explorer’s Inn: Normally  the airline’s  flights  to and from Puerto Maldonado do not arrive and depart with much time  difference , guests should be clearly informed that, as not being our services private, only one boat a day will do the trip to the lodge either way. Because of this they cannot claim that Peruvian Safaris provides an extra boat if, for any reason, one of the flights is delayed and they have to wait in town until the second flight arrives or, if they have to get up and leave the lodge earlier than necessary to take their return flight.   

·      Responsibility: Peruvian Safaris S.A., while providing our services we will not be responsible for any damages, losses, additional expenses due to delays or any cause however if the person or property in connection with any service result directly or indirectly injured from acts of God or  major force we will assist them.

Peruvian Safaris S.A. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any tour arrangements when deemed necessary in the best interest of our customers. The right is reserved also to accept, retain or refuse any person as member of the tour.




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