Amazon Journey

Amazon Journey

Duration: 2 days

2 days in the Amazon jungle can be enough for travellers with tight itinerary. Curaka Expeditions at 1 hour in motorboat on the Amazon River basin. Ecological  walks, night excursions, bird watching in their natural habitat, piranha fishing.  Taste the typical dishes such as  juane, cecina con tacacho, paiche,  grilled suri, patarashca (fish cooked in leafs) and others.


Amazon Journey - Amazon river happiness
Amazon Journey - Boras tribe
Amazon Journey - Curaka Expeditions Lodge
Amazon Journey - Curaka lunch
Amazon Journey - Lupuna tree
Amazon Journey - Piranha fishing
Amazon Journey - Swimming pool
Amazon Journey - Walking in the jungle

Rates & Booking

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  • Child under 11 years old
$ 101.00

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  • In double room basis
$ 168.00

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  • In single room basis
$ 215.00

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  • In Triple room basis
$ 163.00

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  • Child under 11 years old
$ 98.00
  • In Triple room basis
$ 158.00
  • In double room basis
$ 162.00
  • In single room basis
$ 208.00
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DAY 1:  ....Iquitos/Amazonn River / Curaka Expeditions Lodge: (L,D)
  • Transfer from the airport or you hotel.
  • Short walk around the Plaza de Armas to observe the Main church, the Malecon (Riverside Boulevard) and the old houses from the rubber boon era.
  • Transfer to our   dock for a fifteen minute boat ride on the Itaya River, and then join the amazing natural wonder of the world: THE AMAZON River. A short informational presentation about this largest and majestic river. Along the way we’ll look for grey and pink fresh water dolphins.
  • We will travel up the Amazon River until we reach the CURAKA Expeditions site.
  •  At arrival you’ll be greeted with some local fruit juices of the season and be presented with information about the lodge. General information and assignment of your private quarters.
  • Walk through the jungle to appreciate the great biodiversity, flora and fauna of the area. Lunch of typical dish such as juane.  
  • Free time for bird watching, take pictures and film some of the area species.  
  • Further leisure time to observe the local sugar extraction mill and have a taste of the final product such as the thick Molasses and the aguardiente (the local moonshine).
  • Dinner.
  • Night walk or canoe ride depending on the season,   observing and listening for night insects, batrachians, night birds and other sounds. Short narratives of jungle stories, myths and legends of the Amazon presented by your guide around a camp fire.
  • Night at the CURAKA Expeditions Lodge
Day 2: Curaka Expedition Lodge / Amazon River / Iquitos ,,, (B,L)
  • 06:00 AM Bird watching in their natural habitat, walking or by canoe.
  • Breakfast.
  • Visit to the nearby riverbank village where we can see some boa constrictors (Nonpoisonous) slots, turtles and other animals.
  • Typical lunch: Patarashca. (Either fish or meat cooked wrapped in leafs)
  • Return to the city of Iquitos and stopover at the native Bora enclave to observe their customs, their dances, their clothing and listens to their dialect. (We suggest you bring some Items and trinkets to barter for their handcrafts.
  • Arrive in Iquitos and transfer to your hotel or airport. Breakfast, 2 typical lunches, dinner and guide service is included in this program.
Important Notes:
  • In order to enjoy this program completely is recommendable to get Iquitos before 8:30 am and departure in a flight after 5:30 pm
  • Children price is considered from 3 to 11 years old
  • The LORETO region ( the largest in land mass in Peru) which is basically the Peruvian Amazon basin and the city of Iquitos  average a temperature of 28 t0 32 degrees Centigrade  ( 80 to 84). It is rainy, warm and humid.
  • You should pack light long pants and long sleeve shirts, as well as shorts and short sleeve shirts  and t-shirts. hat, sunglasses, tennis shoes,  hiking shoes or boots, sun screen, mosquito repellent, a light raincoat, a light umbrella . Some of these thing can be purchased or rented in Iquitos.
  • The rainy season is normally from November to June causing the water levels to rise creating the opportunity to visit BELEN, the floating houses section of the city of Iquitos.
  • Season of less rain and more sun is between July and November when the temperature could rise up to 32 degrees (89 to 90).
  • When you confirm and book your trip please  make us aware of  any restrictions on your diet,  health issues and  other concerns that may complicate your trips and prevent you from fully  having a good time.
  • In regards to infants and children parents should take all precautionary measures such as having the proper foods and medications  necessary for  the duration of their trip. 
  • Vaccines: If required you can obtain vaccinations 10 days prior to your trip at the National Institute of Health  in Lima, located at: 1400 Capac Yupanqui, across from the Edgardo Rebagliatti Hospital.
  • It is your responsibility to care and safely keep personal objects and accessories such as money, jewelry, health IDs, personal IDs, passport and other objects of monetary or sentimental value. We suggest a waist or belt pack to carry some of these items. We are not responsible for the loss of any of your property if you did not declare or store them in our facility with management knowledge.
  • We request that everyone takes into consideration and adheres to all solicited and contracted programs and services.
  • During any and all trips you must listen and respect all guides instructions and indications and at no time you should  separate from your guide  or wonder about  on your own. Do not stay too far behind or take another venue during  a excursion.
  • The sequence of any excursion could vary depending on the weather during the day or night. 
  • Parents or adults in care of children must at all times keep a watchful eye and be aware of their  children’s whereabouts and  activities. We request  them to be vigilant  and keep their full attention for their safety.


  • Transfers from airport to docks and viceverse
  • River transfers from Iquitos to Curaka Lodge and viceverse
  • 1 night accommodation in bungalows with private bathroom at Curaka Expedition Lodge
  • 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner
  • Purified water and hot drinks
  • Excursions mentioned in the program
  • English speaking guide and assistance in all the program

  • Flight tickets to get Iquitos
  • Soda  and alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • Extra expenses
  • Insurances




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