Chulucanas town is the capital of the province of Morropón, located 60 km (37 miles) east of the city of Piura (45 minutes by car), in the foothills of the Andes (92 m.a.s.l.), over extensive tropical dry forests and large areas of cultivation of mango and lemon, which is also called the capital of mango, capital of lemon and the capital of the crafts. The luminosity of the landscape and climate are other equally powerful attraction of this place.


Chulucanas is famous for its pottery which attracts many visitors for the fine work that artisans do.


You can reach Chulucanas from the city of Piura through a paved road, with bus services that come out each one-hour. From Chulucanas to La Encantada can go by moto-taxi.


In the town of Chulucanas able to locate basic accommodation, restaurants and shops. Near to the main square are showrooms and sales of crafts in the area.


La Encantada

Village located 5 km east of Chulucanas, a village famous for its pottery, the issues reflected in the works of these artists are usually folkloric: traditions, customs and lifestyles of the area.


Bucolic landscape of a humble village, surrounded by dry forests and agricultural areas.


This legendary village of experts potters, heirs of the Vicus culture, civilization that was an example of industry, labor and collective spirit. In their habits reflect the traditions of its people, which has allowed archaeologists and historians reconstructing the social and economic life of this culture.


However, in recent years some of these potters have chosen a more modern designs that are not detached from their roots to make way for modernity in the design and details. Among the most celebrated artists are Max Inga (deceased), Gerásimo Sosa and Teodoro Yamunaqué.


At La Encantada you can visit the houses and workshops of these artists make personal contact with them, who will explain and demonstrate their art techniques. Showrooms and sales of their works.

Monte de los Padres

Ex hacienda where there was the second settlement of the Spanish city of San Miguel de Piura in 1534. It comprises two areas: Piura La Vieja and La Bocana (or Mount of the Fathers).


Vicús Archaeological Site

7 km southeast of the town of Chulucanas, on the Vicus hill and surrounding (10 minutes by car). It shows the development of an important pre-Hispanic culture that has left precious gold and pottery work. Includes hills Yécala and Vicús. The looters of tombs in the area have caused irreparable damage.


Crafts of Chulucanas

Chulucanas and La Encantada village are known for their pottery and the quality of their clay. Heirs of the pre-Inca tradition, keep ocher, green, yellow and black colors. The latter is achieved through the use of burnt mango leaf through a process called "humeado."


The fine ceramic works of this locality have been around the world and have won national and international markets. The roots of this art is in the Vicus culture, which left an important legacy of pottery and gold in the mountain that bears his name.


Chulucanas artisans reflected in its decorative pottery globular customs and traditions of his people, subjects initiated by Max Inga and his disciples as Teodoro Yamunaqué.


Max Inga (1952-2001)

Creator of at the moment is known as the Chulucanas ceramics, and teacher who trained many disciples who today live and work in La Encantada. Max Inga was born in 1952 in La Encantada. From childhood he took clay and made ​​"little doves with open wings", giving free rein to your imagination. But it also ventures into the work of carved gourds and the awl in his hand is like a brush that creates miniature folkloric prints reflecting the life of his community. On the carved gourds works of Inga, the investigator Roberto Villegas says that "uses traditional techniques and proper, the burning is done with arms of carob and the design is distinctly coastal, which highlights its solid line and clear." Limited by illness, was a part of his life in a wheelchair, without falling into despair. By contrast, there was no day that Inga was not at 8 am in his shop to let only the dusk. That was until the last moment of his life. Exhibitions in Lima and several cities in the United States of America. "Christ Farmer" is considered his masterpiece, this sculpture of great significance is the farmer's daily struggle to get by, embodied by Christ dying on the cross represented by a machete and a hoe, this work earned him worldwide recognition to be admired and flattered by Pope John Paul II himself. His wife Clorinda Flores and their children today continue the work of Max.


Max Inga left a phrase that closely resemble the potters of La Encantada, " I CAN NOT WALK, BUT MY HANDS SPEAK FOR MY PEOPLE "



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