Ayacucho Historical Center


When you visit Ayacucho you go through narrow streets, passing by old and beautiful colonial houses, churches and convents with wonderful art treasures. You pass by very poor people dressed in their colorful ancestral clothes, like if you were visiting a colonial museum. You feel marveled with the nice handcraft found there.

We recommend doing a city tour of Ayacucho, specially the following places:


Plaza de Armas also called Parque Sucre:

Main Square of the city. There is a big statue of the Marshal Antonio José de Sucre, who leaded the Liberator Army that gave the freedom to our country.

There are pretty arches surrounding the square. Behind them some important colonial buildings, outstanding the Cathedral. Also important:


Casona del Obispo Cristóbal de Castilla y Zamora (Colonial Large House - XVII century).

Located to the right side of the Cathedral. It was the mansion of Cristóbal de Castilla y Zamora bishop of Huamanga (1669 - 1679) and founder of the University San Cristóbal de Huamanga.. Large house of sober and elegant construction, possesses an external gallery of four arches, wooden balustrades and roof of tiles. In their interior a small patio paved with four arches. Actually headquarters of the Universidad Nacional San Cristóbal de Huamanga.


Casona Boza y Solís (Colonial Large House - XVI century).

Located in the Portal de la Constitución Nº 15. One of the oldest residences in America, sent to build for the Corregidor Nicolás de Boza y Solís. In their stone portal with vain of arch of half point, it exhibits a beautiful hall door of double leaf with brass nails. In their interior a great patio with small gardens and small font to the center, surrounded of stone arcades. During the war of the Independence, in one of their rooms it was prisoner the heroine María of Bellido. Actually headquarters of the city governor offices, the Prefecture.


Casona Chacón (Colonial Large House - XVII century).

Located in Portal de la Unión Nº 28. The facade is formed by a beautiful arcade that forms roomy galleries. The main portal is of more height and has a hall door of two wooden leaves. The interior patio possesses an attractive one paved of figures in rhombus form in black and red color, the patio is skirted of beautiful arcades.. Headquarters of Banco de Crédito. Also located in its interior Museo de Arte Popular (Popular Arts Museum).


Casona Velarde Alvarez (Colonial Large House - XVI century).

Of Mestizo architecture, nowadays headquarters of the Escuela Regional de Bellas Artes "Felipe Huaman Poma de Ayala"


Casona Ruiz de Ochoa

Located in Jirón Dos de Mayo, block 2, in front of the square and church La Merced. It is one of the most typical colonial large houses in Ayacucho. Its highlights very well in their facade conserved stone cover that shows two felines and a bicephalous eagle, to both sides smaller four portal they exist. Into their interior a surrounded paved patio of a gallery with arcade and stone columns; nowadays it is the headquarters of the Bank Wiese Sudameris.


Museo Histórico Regional (Historical Regional Museum)

Location: Av. Independencia (with no number). Cultural Center Simón Bolívar Open Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. It is a small museum, has an exhibition of archaeological remains, statues, from different cultures such as Warpa, Huari, Chanca, Chavín, and Nazca. Also popular arts from the colony. Republican times room and a library.


Museo de Arte Popular (Popular Art Museum)

Location: Portal Unión Nº 28, Plaza de Armas, Banco de Crédito Offices. Open Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:30 Small museum that exhibits fine popular artisan pieces, all from the region.


Museo Andrés A. Cáceres (Museum)

Location: Jr. 28 de Julio Nº 512. Colonial House de Vivanco Small museum exhibits colonial paintings and personal objects from Marshal Andrés A. Cáceres, Peruvian hero from the war against Chile (1880).


Barrio de Santa Ana (Santa Ana's Neighborhood)

Neighborhood inhabited by artisans. Workshop-houses grouped by the different artisan specialties. You can find excellent pieces besides meeting and talking to the artisans.



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